Against China Products

The global Coronavirus pandemic had an adverse effect on all nations. India is one of the affected nations whose economy has faced a major downfall. Keeping the situation of the affected economy in mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the whole nation in the month of May and urged the citizens to come together and promote local brands. He asked all the fellow Indians to join hands and work on making “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” i.e. Self-reliant India. This Atma Nirbhar Bharat Campaign outlines a strong and solid foundation to raise our per capita GDP. For this, the nation is solicited in using local products rather than Chinese products. 

We, Callsmater Services LLP, a renowned organization, is all prepared to support the nation and take all the measures that are required for the “Vocal for Local” campaign. We believe that an individual step matters. Hence, we stand united with our employees and are committed to make our country free from Chinese products. 

It's Time to Emphasize on Local Products

India is among the world’s fastest-growing economies, and it is also the largest importing country of Chinese products. It imports from China almost seven-times more than it exports to it. The total of our imports exceeds $50 Billion. Not just Chinese products, but many Chinese apps are also prevailing in our country. The increased usage of Chinese apps is helping the country in gaining a huge profit and hence, making them more powerful and efficient. Today especially when the nation is fighting against Covid-19, we should sincerely support our own producers and boycott the Chinese products. 

Our millions of businesses have shut down and are facing unpredicted economic upheaval. Many of the Indian producers have laid off their businesses due to improper funds and insufficient demand. Hence, this is the time when all of us should help our own producers, sellers, and service providers by promoting them and using the products that are made within our nation’s boundary. We all must foster and facilitate Indian products widely. 

vocal for local

An Individual Help will Benefit the Entire Nation

We believe that every good thing needs time and efforts on an individual level. Individual efforts will gradually benefit the nation as a whole. We all must contribute to the “Vocal for Local” campaign and only then we will be able to boycott Chinese products. Every Indian citizen should try on an individual basis to remove the Chinese products from their lives. If all of us will start using the domestic products and replace the Chinese products with our own “Made in India” products, then we surely get success in becoming Atma Nirbhar Bharat. It will take a span of time to eradicate all the Chinese products but will happen eventually. 

Many leaders are showing their tremendous contribution to the “Vocal for Local” Campaign. One of them is Sonam Wangchuk. He is a well-known Indian Engineer who is the key inspiration behind the lead character of 3-idiots movie. He urged the Indians through a video to boycott China products. In his video, he asked all to give up all the China devices or products both software and hardware. He stated “Software in a week, Hardware in a year” which clearly signifies we should firstly start with the removal of application and go along with the boycott Chinese products chain.

boycott china products
vocal for local

Our Contribution in “Vocal for Local” Campaign

As a part of our efforts, we have also contributed to the “Vocal for Local” campaign. To start with, we along with all our employees have removed all the Chinese apps from our smart devices. Also, we have taken a pledge not to use any of the Chinese products in our organization. Even if we have any, we are replacing it with available local products. Besides this, we are also educating people about this campaign using our social media platforms. With all our means we are encouraging people to use Indian products. We are not labeling China products as Defective or Faulty, we are just standing in solidarity and supporting our nation. 

We all are together in this and as a team, we all should stand against the usage of China products and help our nation to move from an Importer to Atma Nirbhar Bharat. 

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