Top Google Chrome Extensions Every Marketer Must Install.

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and most used web browsers among all the other browsers. Also, it is the fastest browser because it can load web pages very quickly. Google Chrome is a great platform for accessing the web. Also, it can be made even better with the addition of some Google Chrome Extensions.

Therefore, it is very hard to choose with so many Google Chrome extensions in the Google Chrome web store. Also, to find which Chrome extension is best to use for every marketer that they must install. So, to make your choice easier, there are some best Google Chrome Extensions that will help every marketer. 

Google Chrome Extensions Every Online Marketer Must Install

1. Momentum 

Momentum is one of the top Google Chrome Extensions every marketer must install. It is used for making lists of your tasks on the device. Also, this avoids the user from distraction. Therefore, it starts to remind you about the uncompleted task. Also, you just need to click on the Momentum extension and add tasks in your to-do list.  Hence, it is available free but you can upgrade to Premium plans that may cost you with a certain amount of money.

2. Hootsuite Hootlet

Hootlet is the Hootsuite’s free extension that is used for social sharing which every marketer must install. Therefore, when you find some article or blog interesting and want to share that article, click on the Hootsuite Hootlet Icon. After that, you have to select the social media site and can also edit your message. You can also add some media like images, videos, etc. And can set the privacy settings. Hence, it will also show the twitter results when we search for some query in the Google search. It also helps to show tweets regarding the searches of maps.

3. Check My Link

Check My Link is used to check for the links on your website’s post. Also, these Google Extensions checks whether your article uses valid links or not. You need to open the page that you want to check. Then, click on the toolbar of “Check My Linksand it will check for the links in the whole article. Also, it will direct you for the valid links, invalid links, redirecting links, etc.

4. Giphy

Giphy  is one of the top Google Chrome Extension every marketer must install. It can be used in Google Chrome to share GIFs directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many more on your device. You need to search for the GIFs that you want to share and then drag & drop the GIF to your post.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly extension can help not only the content writers but can help any marketer. It is the free extension for Google Chrome. Also, this will help in checking spellings, grammatical errors, word usage in a post or content. You still spend a lot of time reviewing and proofing content before publishing or delivering to clients, Grammarly will help you in checking it. You can easily install Grammarly easily on your device. Whenever you type some texts on your website it will automatically check for spelling and grammatical errors. Therefore, by clicking on the toolbar icon of Grammarly  you can resolve it. It is also among the top Google Chrome Extensions which every marketer must install.

Hence,these Google Chrome Extensions will help in improving the marketing of the marketers. Therefore, it will help in expanding their business. This will help in improving their efficiency, productivity and the overall user experience while using these Google Chrome Extensions. It is very easy to download on your device. Also, it is used by many marketers as a marketing tool.