The Complete Guide of Online Reputation Management

ORM, Online Reputation Management

The term ORM stands for Online reputation management, and it consists of public relations, marketing, legal, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. These strategies help to promote, protect, and safeguard the online image or business reputation.

How does Online Reputation Management Work?

Google stakes on a complex algorithm to govern which search results should appear on what page. The high authority content mainly ranks amongst the first results for any search term. On the other hand, low authority content may not rank at all. The Reputation management companies aim at influencing the search results by enhancing the authority and search visibility of quality content to promote a company, product, or individual.

The following are the tactics used by the best online reputation management (ORM) companies.

  • Social Media Profile Optimization
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Online Reputation Monitoring
  • Interlinking high impact positive web content
  • Supervise online mentions of a brand or individual and coordinating a thoughtful, rapid response
  • Sponsor Contests and Giveaways
  • Contacting the source to change or remove negative content
  • Business profile development

So, these all were the tactics used by the top-most online reputation management companies.

What are the benefits of Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Reputation management is a significant part of any business; it allows the customer to think about the business. Businesses and industries are spending a lot to build up their online presence. In this era, there might be hardly any business that is not influenced by online marketing and internet medium. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is important for everyone who is in the public eye. Also, it helps a business to acquire new customers. Therefore, the enormous benefits of online reputation management are described below. So, let’s check them out!

Develop credibility among consumers

Applying ORM strategy to a business is a wise approach as it builds the trust between the business and its consumers. The positive feedback in an online platform is mouth advertising that ensures the credibility of the brand. 

It helps to abolish negative publicity

The negative comments can ruin the business reputation. Moreover, it is one of the reasons responsible for ranking turn down in the search engine. 

Budget-friendly techniques

The best part of hiring ORM services for a business is that it should be budget-friendly and should not cost more. 

Higher online visibility

With the help of a decent reputation management service, the website visibility in the search engine gets naturally boosted. This tactic is made to create positive reviews and genuine posting on various digital platforms. 

It enhances search engine ranking

If any positive reviews or news related to any business go viral, it will suddenly get recognition from the consumers. The more positive recommendation online, the more people will search for the business on the internet. By this, the web traffic and keywords of the business get boost up. 

Profitable marketing tactic

A well-structured and organized ORM has the competency to attract more and more business for the company. Therefore, more customers lead to higher profitability of the business.

What tools can be used for Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

ORM has become an integral part of an organization. It is a strategy and process of identifying, monitoring, and influencing a business’s digital reputation and credibility. Moreover, the following are the tools used for Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Google AlertsIt is a free tool offered by Google to get email alerts when new results for the topic show up in the Google Search. 

RankTracker  – It is helpful software helps in checking search engine ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. One can schedule and run updates automatically and can track the movement of the targeted keywords over time. 

KnowEmIt’s an online tool used to check the brand’s availability or username across 500+ social networks and popular websites. 

Brand24It is a reliable and user-friendly media monitoring solution used by the companies to track, engage, and analyze real-time online conversion about their competitors, brands, and products. It gives businesses the tools to find these leads, identify where to promote products, and get customer insights. 

SERPWooIt gives access to the top Google search results for the name, company, products, or services. Thereby, the users can see how specific the search results are ranking and moving up and down over time.