Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads : Which is Better for better Conversions?

Google Ads

Google Advertisement

Google ads are previously known as Ad Words. It is an online advertising and marketing platform developed by Google. Advertisers pay to display brief advertisement, product listings, service offerings, video content, and generate mobile application install within the Google ad network yo web users. Advertising has always been a major part to promote or sell a product, service. Also, it is a marketing communication which employs openly sponsors, non-personal message to promote or sell a product.

Therefore, sponsors of advertising are typically businesses. Consequently, Ads became Google’s main source of revenue. Google Ads offers services under a pricing model, pay-per-click. As a result, It drives through trading advertising inventory through Ad Words, Double Click Bid Manager, and Double Click Ad Exchange, etc. Consequently, Google Ads platform is basically to promote its business. Therefore, it means that even your ranking organically for a search term, then your results will be pushed down the page beneath your competitors.

Google Ads works on the more clicks you generate and the greater your probability of obtaining a new lead or customer. Therefore, Google is the most used search engine with 3.5 billion search queries receiving in a day. Also, Google Ads are giving it some seniority in the area of advertisement for nearly two decades. Google is a resource to ask questions with answers in a combination of organic results and paid advertisement. 

Facebook Advertisement

On the other hand, Facebook Ads comes with micro-targeting features. It reaches to exact target audience based on interests, locations, demographics, and even behaviors. Different from Google Advertisement, Facebook ads means a huge, global audience with a business marketing platform. Above all, the marketer can send their message in front of people who are most likely to want your products or services. But to connect organically with fans, the ever-changing Facebook algorithm can give a hard task.

Facebook Ads come in several varieties. Therefore, you can promote your page, actions users took, posts on your Page and your website itself. Indeed that Facebook Ads are paying more attention to native ads and keeping traffic on its site. But you can still send the user to your website through Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads increase traffic for website from Facebook and attendance at any event. It can also help you to generate new leads. People prefer Facebook Ads instead of Google Ads. Because it boosts engagement for your Facebook Page. You can increase the reach of our content on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads

Finally, Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the two top pay-per-click advertising platforms. While Google Ads target specific keywords and appear as the top results in Google searches. On the other hand, Facebook Ads display in social feeds and are targeted using behavioral information and demographic. Also, each of them used to do anything from build brand awareness to drive sales.

Facebook Ads will be best in 2020 because it can capture vast user interest that both increase brand awareness and generates sales. So, it may take more time to convert Facebook leads to customers. Therefore, marketers choose to Facebook Ads over Google Ads. Because they can have a one-on-one conversation. Hence, both the platforms are a great way to target their audience but Facebook Ads come up with personal touch. That’s why people are more lean towards it than Google Ads. For Great Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing Contact Today at