Businesses in this modern world experience ruthless, cut-throat competition. Surviving in this extremely competitive environment requires innovative and creative solutions. One of the time-tested measures is creating a reliable Brand Identity. It is a result of continuous, dedicated and consolidated efforts of every aspect of your business. Logo Design is just the first step of this ongoing journey that leads your Brand to new heights of success. In fact, it is synonymous to your Brand’s Identity and Success.


Logo Design is an influential and cost-effective visual communication tool that holds the capacity of transforming your business into a leading Brand. This visual brand mark acts as a representative of your business. 

Organizations use their Logo Design on their letterheads, advertising material, signs etc. as a hallmark that helps in recognizing them. It is a graphical representation comprising texts, images, symbols, company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc. These brand marks are uniquely designed for instant recognition. In other words, it is simply an eye-catching visual design to identify your business, product or service.  In short, it is all about creating that perfect and distinctive visual mark that gives your brand its unique identity and recognition.


Logo Designs usually come in multiple forms depending on its primary usage and your Brand’s Values. However, some of the most commonly used Design Types are listed below.

Monogram (lettermarks)
Monograms or Lettermarks are logo designs that use letters, mainly the brand initials to represent the business. These exclusive typographic marks include 2-3 easy to remember words for brand-identification purposes. This type of logo design is mostly used by brands that have lengthy names which are difficult to remember. Here, the main focus is on simplicity of the design. In this way, few typographic-letters are effectively crafted to recognize a brand.
Wordmarks (logotypes)
Wordmark or Logotype is another type of typographic logo design that represents your business by means of your brand name. In other words, it uses stylized text designed in a unique way that spells the name of your organization. It is primarily used by brands that have a memorable name. As such, it combines this name with a distinctively characterized typeface to establish a noteworthy brand recognition.
Pictorial Marks (logo symbols)
This type of Logo Design incorporates a graphical icon or image that gives an instant recognition to your brand. It usually consists of an illustrative and recognizable graphic image that clearly identifies your company, product, or brand.
Abstract Logo Marks
Abstract Logo Mark is another type of Pictorial Logo Design that uses an abstract geometrical image that symbolizes your brand’s identity. It is a highly conceptual and distinctive visual design that uses ambiguous shapes to define your brand’s ideology and character. In this way, it allows you to craft a unique identity that is instantly recognized by a symbolic abstract design.
Certain businesses get instant recognition with an illustrative character which forms its Logo Design. Most of the time, it is a cartoonish character. This character is just like your Brand’s Ambassador presented in a funny way. These are specifically crafted to appeal to families and children by giving them an impression of a wholesome atmosphere.
Combination Mark
Combination Mark uses a distinct combination of Wordmark, Pictorial Mark, Abstract Mark, or Mascot in a smart, eye-catching Logo Design to represent your Brand’s Image. In other words, it integrates text, image, icon or mascot in a unique form to immediately recognize your organization. It is more effective than a simple text, image or mascot alone.
This type of Logo Design consists of a uniquely designed combination of a font (text) placed inside an iconic symbol. These traditional-looking designs use a classic style to leave a long-lasting impact. This intricate design is extremely detail-oriented which incorporates a strongly entwined symbol and text.


Logo Design is undoubtedly the most important factor that lays the foundation of your Brand’s Identity. But, it is important to understand its true role in your organization’s success journey. Given below are some of its vital functions.

Use It To Grab Your Customer’s Attention

Organizations have to face heavy competition to seek their customer’s attention. In this extensively competitive environment, Logo Designs play a significant role. With the help of your unique brand mark, you can gain the attention of your customer. An easily recognizable, eye-catching design immediately seeks attention.

Craft A Solid First Impression

A strong first impression goes a long way in formulating a successful brand identity. For this, you need a memorable logo design that leaves a long-lasting impression in the minds of your customers. This leads to the success of your brand by increasing your customer base.

Foundation Stone Of Your Brand’s Identity

Branding is all about influencing your customer’s emotions by telling a unique story. It is true that logo design is one of the factors that craft your organization’s brand. But, the fact is it is the founding stone of all your marketing efforts directed towards crafting a valuable Brand Identity. Every minute detail of your Logo like the colours, symbols, fonts, tones etc. This logo will be used on all of your organization’s advertising material. In this way, it holds the key of crafting a rock-solid, marketable Brand Identity.

Form Of Visual Communication

Images and Graphics have an inherent power to influence and guide human emotions to serve specific purposes. Logo Design is an exceptionally efficient and cost-effective way to visually communicate your Brand’s story, values, and attributes.

Carve Your Distinct Place In A Competitive World

Wisely designed Logo Design holds the potential to distinguish your Brand in a highly competitive world. It communicates the uniqueness of your business by conveying its values and characteristic features.

Additional Benefits
  1. Fosters Brand Loyalty
  2. Reveals Your Identity
  3. Boosts your Brand’s Values and Favourability
  4. Craft Your Brand’s Recognition
  5. Build Social Engagement

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