What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? Why it is Important?


The Average Conversion rates for websites is about 2 percent. Websites owners expect only 2 Customers from 100 visitors, and according to metrics that’s a good conversion rate. Most of the websites on the web have only 0.1 to 0.2 percent of conversion rates. That means 1 Customer from 1000 Visitors. So, the big question is how can we get more customers from the Traffic we already have?


“In Online Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a procedure of increasing the Number of Visitors on our Websites that will turn into actual Customers.”

Here, we will discuss how to Calculate the conversion rate for our website, how to improve it and get benefits for our SEO Practices.

#1. How to Calculate Conversion rate for your Website.

When we talk about Conversion is when some in  actual do a purchase or the Desired action we want from our Visitor on the Website. In order to expand the meaning you can also say a visitor on your instagram profile ends up with Following you that’s called a Conversion.

We can Calculate the Conversion with a Simple Formula.

Conversion Rate = Number of Goals Achieve/ Number of Visitors

“So if you are running a Ecommerce Business each Sale is a Conversion”

Okay, but how can I improve CRO for my Business?

#2. How to Improve Conversion Rate optimization (CRO) for your Business.

1. A/B testing With your Headlines

An awesome Headline will make a huge difference. In fact, if you try something wrong it may end the user not interested in reading it further. Hence Simply going back and Searching for Something New. According to many Analysis out of 8 users from 10 only read the Headline. Only 2 users from 10 only read the rest. Imagine 8 users neglecting your landing page just after the headline. This where A/B testing Will help you to get better conversion. Try these Testing for your Headline.

  1. Length of text
  2. Use of Statistics
  3. Use of Numbers in the Headlines.

2. Add a Live Chat on your Website

Many users want to buy your product and Services but they are sometimes confused. They have a whole bunch of Questions and Doubts about the Products. Live Chat is one of the best options for these Visitors. A simple Chat pop-up will help you to get a lot More Conversions.

3. Remove all the Distraction from your Landing Page

There is nothing worse than many interruptions that will lead the visitor to somewhere Else. A simple, Clear and User Friendly Landing Page is what you require. Stick to what the visitor needs nothing else. Nobody wants a Popping ad or some irrelevant stuff. 

Try to focus on these thing only (If Possible)

  1. Nice and Catchy Headline and subheadings
  2. Benefits and features of the Product 
  3. Testimonial and/or reviews to build trust. 
  4. Visual combined with context, which shows what you’re offering to attract more customers.

4. Add testimonials, reviews, and logos

Whenever someone is buying something online is always sceptical. Nobody wants to be the one to buy the product first. Adding testimonials and reviews from past customers will help to build trust. Not just Landing Pages, For Homepages you can Add Logos to gain trust from new visitors for your Services.  

Conversion rate Optimization Strategies

5. Improve the Quality of your CTA

A CTA like “Sign Up” or “Start your Trial” Wouldn’t help you out for better conversions. Spending some time trying to improve your CTA will help you a lot out for better Conversions. Try using and starting your CTA with the word “Yes” it helps to psychologically get the trust from the customers that it will possibly happen. Try Using different Positive tag lines, Do A/B testing, Spend More time on your CTA and get better Results.

#3 Benefits of CRO for your Website.

  • Improved customer insights. Conversion rate Optimization helps website owners to better understand their targeted Users and let them know what actually their customer needs. In other Words Conversion Rate Optimization helps in finding the Correct Audiences for the Business. Gaining more Audience will not let you get better Conversions it’s the right Audience. 
  • Better user experience: When the user finds it friendly and feels smart on your Website, then they will Stick to it. Conversion rate optimization helps the Website owner about which part of the websites requires Improvement. By Working on the loose part of your website you will make a great user experience. Better Experience brings more engagement that tends to have more Conversions.  
  • Better ROI: Getting more revenue from your Investment means utilizing more from the Resources you have. With Complete Information one gets most out of the Acquisition Efforts. With Better ROI infographics bring more conversions without having more Potential customers.
  • Enhanced trust: To build trust with the customers, your website must be Professional and should be able to resolve all the queries of the Customers. Your website is one of the Important Sales Person. In order to make users share Credits cards, mails and any other kind of personal Information the user must genuinely trust your website. And here the CRO helps to Build the Authoritativeness of the Website.

Start Using CRO for your Business Today!!

There are a lot of methods to enhance the CRO practices, but ultimately you have to figure out which one is working out the best for your business. You can also opt Callsmaster  Customer Rates optimization Services to generate better  Revenue. We Analyse, optimize and let your website Convert More!!