6 Top Content Marketing Tips to Follow in 2020

Content Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy 2020

Have you ever seen an online advertisement while reading a blog or watching a video? Yes, probably that will disturb you a lot. Just because of this, most users generally install the ad-block extension on their browser, Unsubscribe the Newsletter, Skip the Advertised post, or quit watching the Video. Now, How can we promote our services online if users don’t want some pop-up and ads while surfing the Internet?
The Answer is Content Marketing;It plays a key role in converting some messages to the targeted user and building a connection with our potential audience, helping to build trust and learn the opinions of the relevant audience.
But Wait!! There’s a big question that arises according to past surveys; only 5% of Content on the web leads to an actual action i.e., Clicks, Purchases, Subscription, Purchased. Now we will Discuss 6 Effective Methods of Content Marketing in 2020. Read below:

#1. Quality Work, Not Quantity.

We are always in a rush and want to include all the popular resources in our Content, set our goals for unrealistic things, and try to command them. But, this can lead to even worse outcomes. Trying that is not possible in content marketing can frustrate your expectations and mindset towards your Content Marketing Practice and will abruptly decrease the Content’s Quality.
Trying to Create a Long, Well Generated, Good Quality Content once a week is more worthy and useful for your audience than four-five poor quality bad performing articles. Try to always focus on the Quality that will help you to Convert more.

#2. Word Count Matters and Do Exist

Even though about 77% of users got more engaged with Long articles and blogs, this will not work for Social Media posts and publications. When we talk about Social Media, one must not exceed their posts more than 2000 words. If you are more active on Facebook, Twitter, etc., you must include 1000 to 2000 Words. When you go above the given limit, then the audience may not find your Content Appealing. Hence, the required action you want for your website will gradually decrease.

#3. Focus on Viral Content

Almost 70 Million posts are published by wordpress users each month. From this whole bunch of articles, about 2% only become Viral. This minute quantity of articles brings almost 75% conversion. In this, we are not talking about actual revenue. Here we are talking about the actual CTA i.e., Subscription, Shares, etc. Hence the main motive behind content writing is to create a user-friendly appealing Viral Content. It’s not that much Easy, but also not Impossible.
You can take help from Google trends, Social Media Networks, and many other big Publications to get suggestions about the recent trending topics on the web. Make it more creative by use of different Pictures, Videos, and Text Length.
Keep tracking your past articles and try to create more valuable content from previous articles Metrics. Try to connect with customers Emotions that will help to make your Content Marketing Strategy more engaging.

#4. Merge it all

According to a Survey, Only 6% of Content is Successful With External Links. We all know putting external practice in terms of Search Engine Optimization. Your Article may get popular on Social Media platforms, but other platforms will not refer to them.
You should merge Content Writing with other Online Marketing Strategies. Its a Mixture of Text Advertisement, SEO, Influencer Marketing, SMM, and other Digital Marketing Strategies for a Successful Promotion of Product and Services.

#5 Choose the Correct time to Publish the Content

It’s a Big Discussion Between the Content Marketers about the publish time of the content. Everybody is always confused at what time one should publish the content on social media for best performance. But the statistics show there is no correct time to upload the content.User activity is the same for all days, either its Sunday or Wednesday. But there are exceptions, and one can analyze the website traffic and guess the peak hours of traffic. Content marketers use many analytical tools to guess the correct days and hours for this. Many of the Content writing experts follow big companies footsteps to get the right time and higher conversion rate according to their past publishing metrics. Still, there’s less chance to get positive results.

#6 Use of Long Headers vs. Short Headers

The Longer the Headline, The Better. The Average Size of the Title should be 55-60 Characters. These titles play a key role in contents. Use of Numbers and titles that ends with Question Mark perform Well as compared the Normal Ones. Many Content marketers tried using shorter titles, but this tactic fails. According to Buzzsumo, they analyzed millions of articles in the year 2019, and they found posts with long headlines tend to perform better than the Shorter Ones.
But why does it happens.? Longer Titles provide more information and encourage more users to click on the article and perform the Desired Action. Even Search Bots prefers blog posts with longer titles. Hence getting higher rankings on SERPs.